Australia’s premier afrobeat champions, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, are back! Emerging from their top secret recording bunker, this is their first offering from these recent sessions and you know it’s drenched with that beautiful vintage HopeStreet Recordings sound! With Senalgalese vocalist/dancer/percussionist Lamine Sonko at the helm, the track is his quest to find a balance in our world between the people and the often misused structure of society.

The System hits hard from the get go, horns grab you then the groove just pulls you in. Sonko’s drums beat out a fiery afro pulse, building heat over a sea of rhythm before the vocals arrive to ask the question “are we human, or the system?”

Shake is a bold, bouncy little dancefloor winner with plenty of sass provided by The Public Opinionettes – Kuukua & Lydia Acquah and Fem Belling. It was recorded in the same session as Mr Clean, a vinyl 7” the band released earlier this year. To cut to the chase, this is a party track – so grab yourself a palm wine, hit that floor and SHAKE!

Mini-documentary filmed in the studio by Cesar Rodrigues/Blank Tape Music

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Performed by:
drums – Julian Goyma
bass – Zvi Belling
guitar – David Marama
guitar – Simon Edwards
wurlitzer – John McAll
perc – Nui Moon
perc – Ethan Hill
perc – Salvador Persico (on “Shake”)
trumpet – Tristan Ludowyk
trumpet – Declan Jones
alto sax – Nick Lester
trombone – Peter Slipper
baritone sax – Andy Williamson
vocals – Kuukua Acquah
vocals – Lydia Acquah
vocals – Fem Belling
vocals/perc – Lamine Sonko


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2 thoughts on “The System / Shake (Digital)

  1. Tristan says:

    hi, sorry – we just that up today, because the way our online store works, if there’s no price the release won’t show up. But you can’t buy the digital version through our store – you have to use the soundcloud player/buy link above (like it says right above the $999999 bit). We realise it’s not a great way to do it, and we’d like to upgrade to a new store/website but that will take a bit of time – this is our first digital only release, and we only just realised that this was an issue. We put a massive price on it as a warning so people don’t accidentally buy it through the physical store. Sorry for the long winded explanation!

    Just for the record, if anyone actually DOES buy it, we’ll send you a gold plated record and hand deliver it to the address of your choice wearing a santa suit 🙂

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